Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Christmas Cards

The Munces have a unique Thanksgiving Day tradition. We don't travel. And we don't let anyone come over. Four days at home with a wood fire burning, watching movies, eating good food, and playing with the kids. It's perfect. A nice restful break before the hectic Christmas season. We don't even go shopping. But, I do use the long weekend to get a jump on my Christmas cards. They have gotten more complicated over the years. Last year's card required a bit of stamping and die cutting. I tried to scale back this year, but it looks like I've failed miserably.

I've concocted a three panel, 8" x 5" card that will have to be hole punched and tied together with ribbon. I'm also thinking about rounded corners. Eek! I send out over 100 cards, and would need 12 die cuts per card. Maybe I should rethink that....

Oh, and I also use Photo Stamps to make custom stamps for the cards.

I'm happy with the direction of the cards so far. Our friend Ray Lavoie shot these photos back in June. For the photo of the kids, I had him set up the tripod in the dining room facing into the playroom. We then encouraged the kids to play with different toys over a period of only about five minutes. Any longer and the sun would have shifted too much and you would see shadow changes in the composite photo. I love how it's all coming together.


Blogger Beth said...

I'm going to go cry in the corner now. Seriously, all I got accomplished on Wednesday was measuring one window for new curtains. *sigh*

Happy Thanksgiving!

7:55 AM  
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